RUTH - WordMaker


Most of the world knows me as Ruth, Ruthy, RMOYT, Rwordmaker or that tall red head that loves to write (and that’s just the nice names). I answer to all of them. I’m informal and love to laugh – a lot. I tick a little differently from the crowd. If you’re looking for creative content that stands out from all the boring, static white noise floating out there, you may be interested in finding out more about me…

The Formal Bio

When you mix creativity with a bit of inspiration, add a teaspoon of innovation, a pinch of style and a heavy infusion of experience, you’ve got a recipe for Ruth Moyte, creative marketing professional and copywriter. With a knack for creating pictures and stirring emotions through her words, Ruth is someone who inspires everyone she works with.

Ruth has made a name for herself in the world with nearly two decades of creative event industry expertise. She grew from humble beginnings in the early 90’s to VP of Production, Marketing and Business Development with an international powerhouse in the event industry. In 2007, she was named Event Planner of the Year at the Event Solutions Spotlight Awards in Miami.

Deciding to focus on her greatest love, writing, Ruth founded Red Dandelion Creative in 2009. She works to help her clients capture the stories that matter to them most through live show scripting, branding and marketing to award show submissions, proposal and content development and more. If it is a creative writing project, she is up for it.

Ruth is always looking for inspiration that will help her deliver the best results for her clients. Whether it is through her favorite music, walking around in nature, or enjoying a smooth glass of wine with her closest friends and family, Ruth is always growing herself and nurturing her craft. It is only through appreciating the beauty around her that she can create written communications that garner the results her clients need.

Ruth has been a featured guest blogger for the event industry’s leading blogs, Ready2Spark and DesignDawgs and has been a contributor for several industry magazines. She takes her expertise and knowledge to a live environment, speaking internationally at conferences and meetings in the areas of writing, selling, marketing and branding, as well as being an advocate for victims of domestic violence.

She resides in beautiful Southern California Wine Country, but her native Rocky Mountains is where her heart will always call home.


RACHAEL - A WordMaker, too.


Born with a pen in hand, Rachael began writing as soon as she knew how to form words. Starting with short stories and poems, her writing illustrated wisdom beyond her years. Throughout her education, she has honed her skill through creative writing courses and literature study, soaking up all there was to learn about writing. Offering a unique writing style, her copy is straightforward with flair, allowing for the culture and style of the organizations she writes for to shine through.

Rachael works hard to ensure that her clients and their products get the exposure they deserve. She has worked for national companies as an on-staff copywriter and editor. By learning to recognize client needs through on-the-job experience, Rachael is able to create innovative copy that keeps her clients returning time and again.

Rachael engages readers on a personal level through her blog as the Burlesque Bohemian. She writes about everything from personal goals to triumphs and tribulations, as well as lessons she’s learned throughout her life.

When she isn’t writing, you can find her in the kitchen creating new  recipes for Project Angel Heart, where she volunteers her time as a Junior Chef and Culinarian.  PAH is a non-profit organization that delivers no-cost meals to those with life threatening illnesses.