We can toot our own horn all day long, but it is much more fun to let our clients do it for us.


“Ruth has incredible talent for communicating our message perfectly.  Always creative, she has the uncanny ability to write anything from a stock Request for Proposal or ad copy to an award submission or creative concept, keeping the reader engaged with every word.”

Tom Bercu, President, Tom Bercu Presents


“When you hire Ruth, not only do you get a great writer, but a brilliant business mind who is looking at what she is doing from many perspectives.  My recommendation is that you hire her to make you shine too!”

Wendy Dahl, President, Chic Productions


“Ruth Moyte is one of the best creative writers I have had the pleasure of working with.  Her ability to understand corporate culture combined with her skill in preparing proposals, press releases and award entries has produced business, press, accolades and trophies for BRAVO! Entertainment.  I highly recommend Ruth as an ambassador of the written word for anyone wanting to get their message out.”

Debbie Meyers, CSEP, Owner, BRAVO! Entertainment


“Ruth is a very special lady, in so many ways. Articulate, Bright, Carefully Considered, Creatively inspired, an Ideas generator, a challenger of the norm, a listener, a speaker, a voice of reason, a driver against the mundane. A wordmaker of extreme talent. 

She is a brand thinker, a brand deliverer.  And importantly, someone who I have grown to think of as a personal friend. 

If you are reading this and thinking of her being on your team, you are wasting time, get her on board NOW.”

Richard Foulkes, Lead Experimenter, The Paradise Project


“It’s rare you come across someone who can paint a Technicolor pictures, bring you on a journey and make you feel raw emotion with written words, but Ruth does this.  Her skill is only surpassed by her passion and intelligence.  I would recommend her to anyone I know who is look for something remarkable.”

Lara McCulloch-Carter, President & Customer Attraction Specialist, Ready2Spark


“Whether drafting a cohesive and targeted response to an RFI or RFP on creating a word image for a complicated proposal Ruth has the skills to deliver a document that perfectly meets the needs and objectives called for. With great grammar and spelling, words come alive and jump off the page. Her writings have not only brought her kudos for the awards they’ve won but her proposals “sell”. Can there be a better combination?”

Andrea Michaels, President, Extraordinary Events


“Ruth’s passion and ability to excite her audiences were evident whenever she spoke and this resulted in Eventology being a most memorable experience for us, as well as for many of the participants. Her knowledge, vibrancy and dynamism worked well to present ‘Conceive Design and Write the Winning Proposal’ in a manner that was highly appreciated by many participants, enabling them to leave with a better understanding of painting pictures with words.

Ruth was definitely one of the main inspirations behind Eventology and we feel extremely blessed to have been able to have her support, advice and presence at the conference.”

Derrick Lewis, Founder – Eventologytt


“Ruth has been doing a ton of behind the scenes writing for us and she really gets it. She can take her voice and make it yours in no time flat.  Top it off with the fact that she gets things done super fast and in a really professional manner, you’ll be thrilled you hired her!”

Marley Majcher, CEO – The Party Goddess


“I have known Ruth Moyte for over 15 years.  I have seen her develop from an eager student with raw talent to an amazing special events producer, and then beyond to a gifted writer and educator within her chosen field.  Ruth is passionate about the special events industry and it shows in her writing and speaking engagements.  Her keen abilities to vividly describe an event have garnered Brite Ideas numerous Gala Award nominations, and Ruth has crafted three award-winning entries for us, as well as many, many wins for others.

Ruth’s attention to detail is amazing; her follow-through immediate and thorough, and her work ethic is unsurpassed.”

Greg Christy, CEO – Brite Ideas


“Working together alongside of Ruth is quite an experience! She has an energy and creativity that we all admire. One of my favorite qualities is her uncanny ability to change gears at any given moment but at the same time make you feel like you are the only person that she is managing.  This is an asset that can’t be taught, you either have it or you don’t, and Ruth has “IT”.”

Evan Grey, Director of Production Services – Extraordinary Events